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Today at NAB 2015, the Media Services team announced live encoding in the cloud is now available in Preview.

With this new feature you can finally enable live transcoding in you Media Services live channels, allowing you to send in a single high bitrate stream instead of multi-bitrate encodings.

This release also brings the following key capabilities to your live channels in the cloud:

  • Live encoding of a single bitrate live feed into an adaptive bitrate stream
  • Ability to ingest a live feed over RTP protocol (MPEG Transport Streams)
  • Ability to control insertion of slates, as well as to signal insertion of advertisements to the client using an API or SCTE-35 in-band signals
  • Ability to get real-time thumbnail preview of the live feed

Anil Murching, Program Manager for Azure Media Services live and on-demand encoding, provides a great overview post on the Azure blog. Later this week Anil will be posting a detailed overview on how to use live encoding in a channel including code samples and details on how to set up a channel in the management portal.

With Live Encoding in Azure Media Service, you only need to send in a single (high quality) video feed into an Azure data center, and the service handles the compute-intensive work of encoding it into adaptive bitrate streamsAnil Murching

Once your stream is up and published, you can use all the same features as a basic live channel such as dynamic packaging, encryption, Azure CDN, and even the newly release Dynamic Manifest features to target your encoded content to specific devices.

Stay tuned to our Azure Blog’s Media Services Topic over the coming days for freshly published blog posts on topics such as using common encoders to generate the input live feed.

If you are interested in learning more, have a question or want to be considered for access to the Live Encoding Private Preview, send me an email at

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