Announcing Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK source available on GitHub

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This morning the Windows Azure Media Services SDK finished deploying the source code for our .NET SDK out onto GitHub.

This is a huge milestone for our team, as we have been working hard towards providing an open source version of our .NET SDK on GitHub for some time now. This is fantastic for our end customers now, since it gives you deeper insight into the SDK and how it works and allows you to fork the SDK directly and make modifications (some of you move faster that us!)

Key changes to this release of the SDK are outlined on this blog post from Mingfei Yan

Key features include:

    • Storage 2.0 client SDK support – this has been a major pain point for multiple customers.
    • Notifications API support – I will try to blog more on this feature, but essentially it provides you notifications on encoding job progress through an Azure Queue in your account.

This is the last version that we will support Storage client SDK 1.7, so please plan to migrate to Storage client 2.0.

We will also be updating the NuGet “official” release in the next week with a build from this same release on GitHub.

Going forward we will develop directly in GitHub first and release to NuGet at the end of each sprint.

We are looking forward to your contributions on this Github project.

Mingfei Yan (@mingfeiy) is the lead PM for the .NET SDK, and George Trifonov (@GeorgeTrifonov) is the lead developer for this project and they will be monitoring feedback and commits.

For more information on developing for Media Services, please check out our developer page.

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