I’m currently a Principal PM Manager for Azure Media Services where I manage end-to-end scenarios for Live Streaming, On-Demand and Live Encoding, Media Analytics, Video AI, and streaming of large media libraries hosted in the cloud. Some of my current projects include the Azure Media Analytics platform Video Indexer and Microsoft Stream. Since 1995, I have held numerous roles in media technology at Microsoft. This blog’s content, opinions and information are mine alone and is not affiliated with Microsoft. 

NOTE: I have not been updating this site for a very long time due to busy schedules and other priorities, but I’m leaving it online for historical purposes and I may get back to using this site in the future


Prior to my role in Azure, I worked as Sr. Program Manager on the IIS Media Services team where I worked on IIS Media Services versions 3.0 and 4.0, IIS Transform Manager 1.0, and the Smooth Streaming Format SDK. These products formed the base of the Microsoft Media Platform and provided industry leading technology for the delivery of adaptive bitrate streaming over HTTP using the Smooth Streaming protocol. As lead Program Manager in the Microsoft Global Services Solution Engineering team, I helped to architect and ship the Interactive Media Manager (IMM) solution, a digital asset management system built on SharePoint using Semantic Web technologies. The IMM solution included the Microsoft Media Platform Editor application, an open source rough-cut editor which was recently used by several broadcasters delivering the London 2012 Olympics and SuperBowl 2012 broadcasts. We still use a form of it today for our Olympics and SuperBowl events in 2015.  From 2004-2007, I was a Solution Architect in the Microsoft Media and Entertainment team I had the opportunity to work closely with top accounts on Digital Asset Management solutions and service-oriented-architectures for use in media enterprises.

Deep background

Back before these roles, I was a member of the Microsoft Communications Sector Media and Entertainment solution team where I focused on Digital Asset Management solutions and service-oriented-architectures for use by broadcasters and media enterprises. As a founding member of Microsoft Production Studios in 1997, I combined my knowledge of video, encoding, post production, and software development to launch an interactive development and design team where I worked as a broadcast designer, editor, and developer of interactive learning software. At Microsoft Studios, I worked on internal digital asset management systems and created patented solutions for digital signage, digital cinema, and e-learning.  I began my career at Microsoft way back in 1995 as a founding member of the Advanced Technology “Blender” team delivering on Microsoft’s early vision for interactive television.  And even further back, prior to that, I was an underpaid employee/intern of a post production facility in Seattle that worked on shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Microsoft’s Magic School Bus series of interactive CD-Roms. When not developing media technology, I love mountain biking, sea-kayaking, playing electric and acoustic guitar, sketching, learning technology and spending time with my fabulous wife and two amazing daughters. I’m always learning, and I drink way too much coffee.

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