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We’ve been very busy with new features for Media Services including faster encoding, new content protection services with PlayReady, and what everyone has been waiting for – Live Streaming.  But before we talk about the new features, the team has been updating the Azure blog with new details on our existing services.

Last week I posted on the Azure blog about our Advanced Encoding FeaturesIf you ever wanted to know more about how to set up custom presets in Media Services, do sub-clipping or stitching of videos, generate thumbnails or overlay images and audio on top of your videos with fades, then head on over to the Azure blog to check out my recent post.   In addition,  I just posted a new blog on Delivering Premium Audio Experiences with Dolby Digital Plus .   Milan Gada has also posted a  terrific series on Media Services Asset auditing and monitoring over the last month including the following:

Auditing Media Assets Lifecycle – part 1 –  learn how to use logging and Excel power query to gain insight into your Media Services account. Create Asset reports that show when assets were created and deleted.

Auditing Media Assets Lifecycle – part 2 – how to track assets as they are copied from your Storage account to VMs for media processing.

Auditing Media Assets Lifecycle – part 3 – how you can enhance your Asset  auditing  custom reports with data about individual files being added to an asset.

Monitoring Azure Media Services Application  –  how to build out custom monitoring of your Media Services account for building out your own alerts and notifications.

Calculating Billable Gigabytes for Media Encoding Jobs

Storage for Media Services

At this time we don’t have an official “Topic” in the navigation section of the blog yet (working on that), but you can easily bookmark and see all of our Media Services blog posts by using the tag “media” URL on the blog site.

The Media Services team is working on a long list of upcoming blog updates for the week of the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam starting on September 10th, so stay tuned for more details on our Live Streaming and Content protection services.

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